Meeting Rooms

Sala Chanel
Surface: 352 + 55 sq. meters
Theatre: 280 people

Available in different looks, the rooms fits many requests. Windows to the little garden of the hotel, it is large and warm. Thanks to its modular walls, it’s possible to have little rooms of 130, 173, 100, 134 sq. meters.


Sala Jacopo
Surface: 20 sq. meters
Large table: 8 people

The Jacopo Room is the direct contact.


Salone ’800
Surface: 112 sq. meters
Theatre: 120 people
School: 100 people
Horseshoe: 50 people
Large table: 50 people

Suggested for show rooms, exposition, banquette, cocktail, welcome events, Ice breakers. It’s a room of image. Mezzanine floor available.


Sala da Ponte
Surface: 170 sq. meters
Theatre: 200/220 people

Meeting centre “par excellance”!!! Large and bright room, the best for any event. Your professionalism as presentation. It fits for presentation, exposition, work shops. Speakers’ table detachable.


Sala Duse
Surface: 52 sq. meters
Theatre: 25 people
School: 20 people
Horseshoe: 18 people
Large table: 20 people

This room, with its classic and warm atmosphere, and direct access to the rstaurant, is ideal for quality and privacy dinner meetings.


Sala Polivalente
Surface: 270 sq. meters

Available in different configurations, IDEAL for exposition, show rooms, work shops, presentations. Very Functional!


Sala Tiepolo
Surface: 57 sq. meters
Theatre: 20/30 people
Horseshoe: 15/20 people
Large table: 15/25 people

It’s a room of classic style and warm.


Sale Modulari
Surface: 25+25+25+25 sq. meters
Theatre: 50 people
School : 45 people
Horseshoe : 35 people
Large table: 40 people

Depending on the request, the modular rooms are furnished always with the right size. Many request.