Our Main Menu

Home made bread, pasta, dessert and ice cream


Raw white asparagus P.O.D. from Bassano with Grana Padano P.O.D.reserve

Scallop and slow cocked pork cheek with white asparagus and vanilla fondue

Tartar of Australian black angus with quail egg, salad and 24 mounth aged Grana Padano

Salted pork with toasted brioches, foie-gras and jam of white asparagus D.O.P.

Smocked goose breast with burned cream of peas and toasted pine nuts

White asparagus and herbs julienne with sautéed of small scampi

 Soup and Pasta courses

Risotto with white asparagus from Bassano P.O.D.

Home-made pasta filled with herbs and goat’s cheese, with caviar and “bagna cauda” sauce

Filled ravioli with peas, cherry tomatoes sauce and flakes smoked ricotta

Home-made spaghetti with white asparagus, lemongrass and small scampi

White asparagus soup with truffle flavored crispy bread, egg quail and 24 mounth aged Grana Padano

Cream of pea soup with beetroots chips and squids

Baked semolina dumplings with light nettle sauce and wafer of red prawns from Sicilia

 Main Courses

The Special ones

Grilled sirloin steak Belvedere selection

Grilled sirloin steak “Chianina” (from Toscana)

Grilled sirloin steak selection “Cazzamali” (from Piemonte)

Beef tartare

Grilled fillet of beef

White asparagus P.O.D. and eggs in Bassano style

Breaded Monkfish with asparagus brioche and wild sprouts pine nuts cream

Steamed Fillet of see-bass with light asparagus sauce and lemongrass

Boned quail with Marsala sauce, fois-gras sauce and small polenta cubes

Our Desserts

Pastry cake with goat’s cheese, pine nuts and cherries sauce

Vanilla and amaretto cream-brulée, with orange flavored candied asparagus and cocoa crumble

Pistachio-breaded white asparagus ice cream, with vanilla and grappa soup

Pastry waffles with hazelnut ice cream in poached espresso

Chocolate mousse with fois-gras sweet sauce and pistachios waffle

Chocolate-filled puff pastry with fresh cheese quenelle, candied orange and light cinnamon sauce

Fresh pineapple with Grand Marnier

Lemon and prosecco wine sorbet