Our Main Menu

Home made bread, pasta, dessert and ice cream


Warm salad of salmon with beans and onion’s from Tropea

Australian Black Angus tartar with wild mushrooms, aged Grana Padano and black truffle from Berici

Squid -tagliolini with crispy bacon and Borso’s peas foam

Salted pork with toasted brioches and foie-gras  

Morsels of octopus flavoured with lemon thyme with burrata cheese cream and cherry tomatoes sauce

Wild berries marinated Australian Black Angus Carpaccio with Sichuan pepper and fresh green salad

 Soup and Pasta courses

Creamy Risotto with wild mushrooms and parmesan  

Home-made fresh pasta with pigeon and morel mushrooms

Tagliatelle pasta with peas from Borso and crispy cheek lard

Home-made spaghetti with scampi, cherries and burrata sauce

Chanterelles filled Tortelli, with with egg sauce and goose speck

Fried cannelloni filled with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes sauce and basil foam

 Main Courses

The Special ones

Grilled sirloin steak Belvedere selection

Grilled sirloin steak Prussian Beef, Jolanda de Colo selection

Grilled sirloin steak selection “Cazzamali” (from Piemonte)

Beef tartar prepared “at the table”

Grilled fillet of Angus 

Slice of tuna fish with sour-sweet sauce of cherries P.G.I. from Marostica 

Low-temperature cooked Monkfish, with salted wild mushrooms and wild mint 

Crispy breast of Muscovy duck with almonds and cherries P.G.I. from Marostica

Slice of golden codfish with cherry tomatoes fondue and grated lemon peel

Our Desserts

Glazed apricots with almond sauce and Capovilla’s Apricot brandy soaked Babà

Soup of cherries P.G.I from Marostica with mousse of “Sur del Lago” single origin dark chocolate and vanilla crispy wafers

Bronte’s pistachios parfait with velvet sauce of single origin chocolate “Morogoro” Domori and meringues

Marinated pineapple with creamed coconut and Capovilla’s rum sauce 

“Broken down” tiramisù

Wild berries and vanilla “magic” cake

Fresh pineapple with Grand Marnier

Lemon and prosecco wine sorbet