Menu à la Carte


Knife-cut tartare of Fassona Piemontese beef with parsley sauce and poached quail’s egg

Knife-cut tartare of Italian buffalo with caramelized onions and croutons

Knife-cut tartare of organic beef with wild herbs and anchovy sauce

Our trio of Knife-cut tartare

Selection of charcuterie with grilled polenta and marinated vegetables

Veal-cartilage salad with leek and mustard flavored balsamic vinegar

Lamb carpaccio marinated with berries, apple jam and vinegar of Modena IGP

Asparagus stripes with fried yolk and pistachios crumbles

Marinated white asparagus julienne with red prawns and lime tartare and cherry Capovilla liquor slush

Grilled scallops with saffron sauce, crispy bacon and beetroot juice


Risotto with white Asparagus PDO from Bassano

Home-made ravioli with herbs stuffing, lamb ragout and beer sauce and aged cheese wafer

Home-made spaghetti with lobster sauce

White asparagus soup with parmesan croutons, poached quail’s egg e candied tomatoes

Potato dumplings stuffed with tomatoes sauce with pheasant ragout and mushrooms

Linguini of organic semolina,  anchovy sauce from Cetara, cured tuna roe and sepia bread crumbles

Home-made tagliatelle with white Asparagus PDO, bacon and egg sauce

Spaghetti from Gragnano with asparagus pesto, beetroot sauce, lemon flavored bread crumbles and caviar

“Bigoli” pasta with duck ragout

Beans and pasta soup

Our main Courses

From the grill

Grilled sirloin steak of Italian buffalo

Grilled sirloin steak of organic beef

Grilled sirloin steak of Fassona piemontese “Cazzamali” selection

Grilled beef fillet

Tartare prepared at the table

Fassona piemontese “Cazzamali” selection tartare

Italian buffalo tartare

Organic beef tartare

Other main courses

Iberico pork pluma cut ”Pata Negra” with pepper sauce, burrata cheese and spinach

Lamb chops cooked at low temperature with white asparagus and peas cream

White asparagus PDO and eggs in Bassano style

Liver in Venetian style (with onions)

Fish main course

Tuna slice with soy sauce, capers from Pantelleria and anchovies with asparagus and spinach

Grilled sea bass

Cod baked with asparagus, chamomile and dried capers from Pantelleria

Stockfish “alla Vicentina” style with polenta

Our Desserts

White chocolate Bavarian cream, with salted cocoa crumbles, candied orange ice cream and raspberry sauce

Almond and corn flakes tart with hazelnut cream, Baileys’ eggnog and espresso coffee

“Deconstructed” Tiramisù

Pears cooked in white wine, with Gorgonzola and Mascarpone cheese cream and cocoa croutons

Chocolate sphere with pistachios mousse core, crunchy sugar almonds, meringue and vanilla milk cream

Passion fruit cream with asparagus PDO ice cream, pistachio and white chocolate


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